The machine V106N is an automatic compact cartoner, suitable for medium-little products. The sectors of use are: food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and no food. Our pluriennal experience alows us to realize automatic feedings dedicated in detail to the product to treat. The machine V106 works with cases pre-glued picked up from warehouse. The format change is modern and functional and it is realized using position indicators. The realizable closures are of housing, hot melt and mixed type.

Principle of operation

The case is picked up from the warehouse and splayed through a positive opening system. Products arrive to the pusher unit through a tray transport. The pusher unit insert the product inside the case. The case is moved through a series of chain that bring them utill the exit of the machine. After the product has been introduced, the case is closed with a slot or glue.

Featured groups

"Alimentación automática del producto (Blister, frascos, tubos, etc.). Lector de códigos, con expulsor. Codificadores: embossing o tinta/embossing. Dispositivo de introducción del producto: extendido o plegado."

Maximum speed: 100 cases/min